Pot à thé marocain décoratif fait main et son support en bois de chauffage / rare & uni

A unique and rare set of Handmade Crafted Decorative Moroccan Tea Pot And It’s Firewood Stand (Handmade red clay boiled tea charcoal stove Tips: Suitable for olive charcoal tea, warm tea use) Can be used as a real tea pot or as decorative piece to shine any corner of your house :kitchen,living room ,,, Made in Safi /Morocco :the Capital city of ceramic in North Africa . To add a unique signature to this set the craftsman painted it with real yellow golden sand of the famous local beach in Safi ( knows worldwide as one of the best surfing beach in the world ) Rare and unique and was made only by my personal request . Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.