Disque dur Installer Smart + USB3.0 + 1 To pour duplicateur Blu-ray/CD/DVD Copystars

Copystars Smart+ USB3.0 & 1 TB Hard Drive included installation External USB bridge board for duplicator set the first CD/DVD target drive as an external CD/DVD burner for your computer. USB connection can be enabled and disabled by the switch located on the back of the card. An USB (A to B cable) is required to establish the connection between the computer and the device. It has to be work with new Copystars duplicator with hard drive installed. When switch to USB mode , ISO file can be drag directly into the duplicator's hard drive and burn directly from there. Very easy to upgrade your product with great titles management and save time for creation of master discs. USB cable is not included. This item sell as option when purchase Copystars duplicator including installation, we do notrecommend to purchase it separately.