6 x Hard Boiled Oeufs Sans Coquille Œuf-chaudière No Shell-Easy Cook Œufs

- Hard Boil Eggs Without the Shell! - Crack / Boil /Twist - Fast Easy to use! - You Will Never Have To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Again with the Easy-To-Use Eggies Kit Designed For Stovetop Cooking - Get right to the best part of hard-cooked eggs minus the hassle of removing shells with As Seen On TV Eggies. - This revolutionary stovetop kit takes over the job of boiling to perfection as eggs bob independently in their individual Eggie containers. - No more burned fingers trying to peel reluctantly stuck shell fragments. - Just wait for the non-stick plastic holders to cool, and each hard-boiled egg pops right out. - You can prepare up to half a dozen eggs at once to serve whole or dice for salads and other dishes. - As a busy cook, you can use Eggies to prepare healthy snacks in a.