1 x bison air max Absorbeur d'Humidité Déshumidificateur Caravane 2 X 500G RECHARGE TABLETTE

- 1 x Pack of 2 x 500g Bison Air Max Moisture Absorber Refill - Ideal for larger rooms. - Every house has humidity in every room. People constantly produce moisture by breathing, cooking, showering and washing. A good humidity balance is important for ensuring a healthy living climate and to avoid mould, mildew, moisture damage, allergies and unpleasant smells. - Did you know that up to 4 litres of moisture is created each day by bathing, showering and cooking? - Bison Air Max is the perfect moisture absorbing solution! - New sleek design compliments any room and is fully portable. - Noise free - no batteries or electricity required. - Bison Air Max offers a powerful, reliable and convenient solution to prevent and solve domestic humidity and .