Fabricant Commercial bâton Muffin de Gaufrier d'acier Inoxydable Faisant Cuire

Advantages 1.The Commercial Nonstick Electric Waffle Maker Machine Crispy Machine is designed for baking waffle, hot dog and crispy. Made of quality stainless steel, the machine is beautiful, durable and easy to clean. 2.The specially designed grids allow you to bake 6 waffle at one time. And the baking time is about 5 minutes. 3.Small openings are premade on the side of each lollipop waffle grid to insert the stick at the beginning of the baking process. 4. A non-adhesive layer is not required, it's with non-stick surface and can be cleaned with any device without running the risk of scratching or damaging the baking surface. Feature Commercial electric waffle maker machine Bake the new waffle on a stick or waffle 6pcs on one tray Bake 6 waffle at one time About 5 mins for one.