Web Cam Portable 360 degrés de rotation anti-hack Lens Cover, antireflet

​One Neat Little Package Super Portable Folds into 5x7x2cm size 360 Degree Rotation Versatile Ball Joint Hinge Built-in Privacy + Protection Lens Cap 30 PFS Crystal Clear Video 640x480p, Auto-Focus Anti Glare Vivid Image Excellent in Low Light Intelligent Multisampling 16 Megapixel Still Photo Option Built-in Omnidirectional Mic Driver Free Plug and Play Desktop or Screen Installation The quality of this web cam is a cut above the rest. The A4TECH factory was established in 1987 and is the leading manufacturer of web cams in China. This has to be the most versatile web cam around. It folds into a neat 5x7x2cm package for you to take anywhere, without fear of damage.