17-Key Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano Mini cadeau amateurs instrument de musique

Description: WONDERFUL SOUND: Clear kalimba thumb piano voice sound wind chimes, more clearer and ethereal than the wooden,Easy to play, the international standard C, and the metal tooth is D2-B7-G5-E3-C1-A6-F4-D2-C1 (middle)-E3-G5-B7-D2-F4 -A6-C1-E3.   PREMIUM QUALITY: Kalimba 17 Keys Crystal Clear Thumb Piano made of high quality acrylic material, the letter engraved on the key, with good transparent, durable, lightweight.   EXCELLENT PROTECTION: Clear kalimba bag is made from high quality Eva material, with waterproof and dustproof. This bag can effectively protect against breakage, wear and tear, portable and easy to carry  .