GARRARD 4hf biscuit tin retrim Kit-Audiophile

Garrard 4hf Biscuit Tin Retrim Kit-audioohile. Condition is New.the garrard 4hf made popular by selectors can now be refreshed and brought back to its former glory with this re-trim kit, in the kit comes the red ovolou as modelled by my own decks and the black angular section so depending on your mood you have the choice..philes' all over the world have brought their 4hf's stunning looks back up to scratch with this so buy now and share in their enjoyment.( 4hf in pictures not supplied)  If you find this product on offer im afraid it is ebay forcing an offer on my product and is only available at the stated price. Appologies for ebays interference.and interference with model also! is not for a 301.