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15 Touch Screen LCD Monitor -...

279,00 €
PriceMinister 15 Touch Screen LCD Monitor - 1024x768 Resolution, VGA, HDMI, TV IN, For PC/POS
26,00 € Port 305,00 € TFC
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De la marque High-Tech Place votre produit vous offrira une qualite irreprochable ! 15 Inch Touch screen LCD with VGA and HDMI Port. Hook it up top your PC or use it as part of a POS system. Wouldn't it be great if you could touch your PC screen for an easier input? Well, thanks to this 15 Inch LCD Touch Screen, this is now possible. Replace your old PC monitor with this brand spankin' new 15 Inch LCD monitor and windows will be at your fingertips. Coming with an included stylus for an extremely precise input, you'll be able to sketch, control your cursor, select or even let your kids play around in MS Paint. But life can't always be a game and when it's time for some serious work, this touch monitor will transform into a POS (Point Of Sale) business solution. Folding completely flat, the... Abréger
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